About Us
Niche is well-known for successful residential and commercial projects throughout India, from Dehradun to Uttarakhand. Niche has now set its sights on horticultural development in the state of Andhra Pradesh, an eastern Indian state situated on the Bay of Bengal.

The Niche team has undertaken extensive research and development throughout India in the fields of agriculture and horticulture, developing innovative solutions to keep productivity high and overhead costs low. Niche land is cultivated, farmed and cared for using the state-of-the-art modern agriculture practices to maximize the returns for growers across a wide array of fruits and vegetables. And perhaps best of all, profits gained through a partnership with Niche are 100 percent tax free – and always will be.

Thanks to its world-class management and cutting edge techniques, the Niche team now has thousands of acres of farms, land and orchards under its management. We now invite you to join with us and reap the prosperous benefits we have worked so many years to forge.