As one of the most population-dense nations on Earth, real estate in India is highly prized. Every single acre of land in this rich, fertile nation comes at a premium – and such value will only increase as the population expands. And as it expands, there necessarily has to be dedicated, health-conscious horticulturalists and fruit providers such as Niche Agriculture Pvt. Limited to nourish the hungry consumers – in the US, in India, and throughout the entire world.

Now is your chance to be on the ground floor of this lucrative hotbed. We’ve simplified the entire process into a straightforward, turnkey process of ownership. After you purchase land, Niche Agriculture Pvt. Limited is standing by to lease it right back from you and begin the horticulture process as you immediately start gaining a substantial, 100% tax-free income from the products grown. On completion of your lease, you may:

Sell back your orchard to Niche and gain back 100% of the original paying price (or 200% of the original price if you lease for 10 years),
Take command of your orchard yourself, managing it as Niche had been during the lease, or
Continue as under the lease, with Niche managing your property and making you money

Throughout India, pristine agriculture land is reserved for only huge corporations or very wealthy investors. Only through Niche can you get in on the ground floor of this financial opportunity, and only through Niche can your dreams of financial independence be realized. It’s time to seize the day – become a land owner in this booming market by visiting us at or speaking to one of our friendly representatives.